About the camp and the logo

“With sign language I can!” – The theme is to discover ourselves, to discover the true meaning and role of our language, how we live with it, what is the history, how can we let someone name this language when it is ours? The purpose is clarification of the role of the sign language as what it represents: a normal language and not a method of communication so it can be recognized by the society, public authorities and government by its recognition in the law.

The idea of logo for camp is to unite Romania with Europa which the mascot NADR - Youth Branch done a new friend a european mascot and together will enjoy of   shared experiences in during the camp.


About the period


The period for the youth EUDY camp in Romania will be 6-15th of July 2018.


About the participants


The participants must be youth deaf within age range 18-30.


About the trip


You’ll visit the following:

- Castel of Bran 

- Palace of Parliament – the 2rd biggest place in the world


About the location


We are offering something that has never ever been in the EUDY history, one camp in two places. Why? Short story: we were really enchanted to organize the camp in Romania because I never thought we will succeed until here. We didn’t know what location to choose in Romania so we can offer the best place, and suddenly, on internet I found a place, Hotel New Egreta. We didn’t know about this hotel and we were amazed about the publicity of the hotel, so we planned a trip to the hotel and it was amazing. It was perfectly made for the camp. One thing was missing: the sea. So, we thought in perspective. In the time of the camp, it has to be a half from the whole program in which everybody to concentrate about the theme of the camp and to be united, in the other half to explore Romania, enjoying the free time. And therefore we had chosen the second place, where it is sea, at Mamaia station from Constanta county, at Hotel Flora. We have decided the program in order to fulfill what we wish.

  • 6th-11th of July – Galaciuc, county Vrancea

  • 11th of July – Castel Bran and Bucharest

  • 12th-15th of July – Eforie de Nord, county Constanta



About the program


About the trainers


Pedro from Portgual
Alexandrer from Bulgaria

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